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8-Best LLC Services For Your New Business Startup

In today’s competitive world, many businesses hire an LLC filing company. It helps protect personal assets and reduce the tax liability of a business owner. Are you a business owner who plans to partner with an LLC filing company? Then, you should choose the best one that can help you with your business needs. There are various LLC formation services available on the market, so you should choose wisely.

To help you, the following is a list of the best LLC formation services you can select from for your specific business needs.  

1. ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness can be your comprehensive partner for your LLC formation service’s needs. It can provide you introductory plan with a 100% accuracy guarantee for a reasonable yearly subscription fee. It is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means it’s an ideal for-profit company with community goals the same as a nonprofit. 

zenbusiness logo new

ZenBusiness comes with three subscription plans. You can pick the right plan that suits your needs and budget. The Starter is about $49 during the first year and has LLC filing, a 100% accuracy guarantee, and an operating agreement template. The Pro plan costs $199 yearly and includes the features from the Starter plan and quick filing times for compliance support. The Premium plan is available at $299 annually. The premium plan comes with a website, business domain name, rush filing, and other features. 

You can prefer the Starter plan if you’re new in the business world. It can cover the needs of your business at lower costs. You can also add other services, including compliance, registered agent service, and website development. 


  • It comes with a 100% accuracy guarantee
  • Upgraded plans have more advanced features
  • Offers low cost for compliance support and LLC filing


  • Requires yearly subscription
  • Add-on services increase costs


ZenBusiness is equipped with more innovative features. 

Free operating agreement

It defines the terms of company formation. 

Registered agent services 

You don’t need to doubt choosing ZenBusiness because it can provide you with registered agent services in all their packages. 

Business website, email, and domain privacy 

With these features, your business clients can easily reach out to you. Additionally, it also offers protection for your private information. You can also get higher visibility.

Worry-free CPA assessment 

With this assessment, you can evaluate the finances of your company. It will also recommend the right licensed CPA for your business needs for free. The accounting services can monitor your business’ file taxes and monetary flow and remain organized. 

Rush filing 

It is perfect for business owners who want faster and more comprehensive business formation services. 

Easy to use

ZenBusiness is easy to use. It has a clear and easy-to-understand website. It can provide first time business owners with a simple LLC formation procedure. The dashboard of ZenBusiness allows you to monitor the progress of your formation filings. 

2. Rocket Lawyer 

Rocket Lawyer is the best choice for legal services. Aside from its compliance and legal services, it can offer you an online LLC formation service. It is beneficial if you want specialized services, including online attorney consultation services or legal document templates database. 

You can avail of their legal services subscription package, including LLC formation service for free. Rocket Lawyer offers a 7-day trial. It has Rocket Lawyer’s New Business Bundle, of which you can avail with an exclusive discount.

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After a free week trial, you can avail of the Premium membership, which costs $39.99 monthly. Once you become a member of the Rocket Lawyer, you can access unlimited legal questions, legal documents library, and 30 minutes consultation on new legal matters. 


  • Offers excellent customer support
  • 7-day trial 


  • It focuses more on legal advice and helps beyond company formation. 


The features of Rocket Lawyer are the following:

Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle 

The service has Rocket Lawyer New Business Bundle, which is ideal for business owners who require legal expertise within their company’s lifetime. Rocket Lawyer offers peace of mind to businesses who want access to lawyers and guidance on possible legal problems that may happen. This bundle includes one year of registered agent services, free incorporation service, and 1-year legal services. 

Reliable customer support 

Rocket Lawyer can provide you with excellent customer support. You can reach out to their team whenever you encounter any issue while using their service. 

3. Incfile 

If you are looking for an affordable LLC formation service, Incfile can be a good choice. It is best for value because of its free LLC filing service option, wherein you just pay the state filing fees. The Incfile’s free package includes the preparation and filing of your articles of the company with your state and a year for register agent service. 


Incfile has a Gold package for $149. This package includes an operating agreement, S corporation election, EIN, tax consultation, and other services. They also have a Platinum package available for $299, including email, business domain name, and expedited filing. You can pay for yearly registered agent services, report filing, trademark filing, and other services in your first year. 


  • Offers free LLC filing service
  • The packages of Incfile have a 1-year registered agent service
  • Has upgrade options for additional services and forms 


  • Limited refunds and doesn’t have a money-back guarantee
  • It has a lot of upselling 


Free LLC filing 

One of the best features of Incfile is you can get your business registered at a low cost. Its free LLC filing is what makes it one of the best LLC formation services. 

User-friendly dashboard 

Incfile comes with a user-friendly online dashboard that allows you to monitor compliance reminders and essential deadlines. 

Excellent customer support 

Incfile also has excellent customer support. You can reach out to their team to accommodate your needs and concerns. It also has a real-time order tracking tool. 

4. Northwest Registered Agent 

If you’re an aspiring small business owner, you can choose Northwest Registered Agent as your LLC formation service provider. It can provide you with reliable services, including ongoing support and affordable LLC formations. It can be a good option if you’re a small business owner working from home or if you want to protect your privacy. 

You don’t need to worry because there are no hidden fees if you choose Northwest Registered Agent. It also has a user-friendly online ordering procedure. They have expert US-based customer service representatives. They have an incorporation service available at $39 and additional fees. It also includes customer privacy protection, premium registered agent services, LLC filing, an online account for accessing business documents, etc. 


  • You can select to pay monthly or upfront over a year
  • Offers a free account option with a do-it-yourself filing guide
  • Allows you to add virtual office, registered agent, and other small business services


  • Optional items can increase the price quickly
  • You should pay additional fees for important LLC formation features, including the operating agreement and EIN


Good customer service 

Northwest Registered Agent can give you satisfying customer service. If you encounter issues, you can reach out to their customer service agents, known as Corporate Guides. There are no third parties involved, and you have an assurance that your personal details are not sold. You can quickly get a response to your specific concerns because offering excellent customer service is part of their comprehensive service. 

Excellent services 

Northwest Registered Agent can offer you excellent services, including registered agent service, LLC formation, mail forwarding, business address, privacy by default, corporate guide service, etc. 

5. LegalZoom 

Do you have an online business? If yes, LegalZoom is best for you. It is easy to use LLC filing services at an affordable cost. There are also plans you can choose from for your business. The $79 plan takes a month, but it has everything you need to file your business. The $329 Standard plan has 15 days of processing time and can provide you with stock certificates, a company seal, and added organizer. The Express Gold plan is available at $349 and offers express shipping for your documents and 10-day business filing. 


  • The basic plan begins at only $79
  • You have a choice to upgrade for additional services and features
  • Simple to use online LLC filing service 
  • Offers more legal services 


  • Lots of upselling for high-priced add-on services
  • The basic package needs an estimated 30-day processing time
  •  A little bit expensive when it comes to LLC formation 


60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee

LegalZoom offers a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Affordable service

It can provide you with affordable services. Their basic plan begins at only $79. 

Business advisory plan 

LegalZoom also comes with a Business Advisory Plan. It includes attorney help, tax advice, and access to legal forms. 

6. Inc Authority 

Inc Authority is the top choice for real estate investing. It has an LLC filing package for free which is best for real estate investors who want to save on fees. It is also loaded with more advanced features. 


Inc Authority is an established LLC filing company founded way back in 1989. It can provide you with a free standard package that includes registered agent service for a year, filing and preparation of articles of organization, name availability search, and S corporation tax election forms. 

You can also get a business checking account through Bank of America, business funding analysis, and tax planning consultation. You also have the option to add services like ownership certificates, LLC operating agreements, EIN, and other services. The executive package allows you to add a website domain and business license report. 


  • One-year registered agent service 
  • Free LLC filing service
  • Offers other services like business plans and trademarks


  • It doesn’t have a warranty or guarantee
  • The paid packages are available at a high cost


Inc Authority also has excellent features making it an ideal option for your business. 

Tycoon bundle 

Inc Authority offers a Tycoon bundle that allows you to add BizCredit software and express processing to develop your business credit. Meanwhile, you should remember that Inc Authority doesn’t provide a money-back guarantee if you avail of their paid packages. 

Reliable services

Inc Authority can provide you with reliable services that can help your business. 

  • Hashtag Legal 

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you can opt for Hashtag Legal. It can provide you with more customized services such as consulting and LLC formation. 


  • Small businesses can customize plans for customers
  • Specialization in startups and online business
  • Offers legal advice in addition to form filing 


  • Only licensed in New York, California, and New Jersey
  • It can be costly compared to streamlined online filing companies


Customized services

One unique feature of Hashtag Legal is it can provide you with customized services that can cater to your business needs. 

All-in package 

Hashtag Legal comes with an all-in package that can help meet your business needs. 

7. Nationwide Incorporators 

Nationwide Incorporators is best for attorney review. It can provide you with an LLC registration service wherein you work with a professional attorney. The company was already in the business since 1997. They can offer you easy ownership transfer, liability protection, and favorable taxation rates. 


If you want to get reliable legal entity formation, choosing Nationwide Incorporators is the solution. You can also get consistent customer service from their team. It is the perfect choice for big companies that look for the best attorney services.  


  • The basic plan involves business agreement templates and registration
  • The plans include services that come from an attorney
  • You can upgrade with customized company certificates and documents


  • It comes with expensive add-ons
  • The price increases for top-tier and mid-level plans 


The features of Nationwide Incorporators include the following.

Attorney aided formation procedure

Your papers will be drafted or reviewed by the company’s business attorneys before sending them to the state of formation. With that, you will have peace of mind. 

Publication service 

Nationwide Incorporators also promote notices of your information in newspapers at a wallet-friendly cost.

Reliable customer service 

The company has already served for many years, so you can expect to get the best customer support from their professional team. 

8. BetterLegal 

BetterLegal is another reliable LLC formation company you can choose for your business. They can provide you with filing services at $299. Even though it is a smaller LLC company, it can give you quality service you can trust for the success of your business. You can reach out to their team for your concerns. 

better legal logo


  • Affordable registered agent service
  • Great turnaround time
  • Good customer service for your needs 


  • Upselling on partner services 


Excellent customer support 

BetterLegal can offer you excellent customer support. You can reach out to their team if you have problems or concerns as you avail of their services. 

Affordable service 

BetterLegal can provide you with a quality registered agent service at only an affordable cost. They also have a good turnaround time. 

There we go, so that is the list of the best LLC formation services you can choose for your business. Meanwhile, with lots of choices of LLC formation services on the market, it can be challenging to select the best one for you. Don’t worry because we will help you with this matter. The following are essential tips to get the best LLC formation service. 

How to get the best LLC formation service?

You should opt for an LLC formation service that can meet the needs of your organization. 

Customer service 

As told by Ian from LLCGuys – One crucial factor you should look for in an LLC formation company is excellent customer service. With that, you can get reliable assistance whenever you encounter issues with their service. Make sure to hire an LLC formation company with a friendly and professional team that can accommodate your needs. 

Customer experience 

You should know what other people think about the LLC formation company. If your potential LLC formation service provider has more positive reviews from its past customers. With this, you have an assurance that you’re dealing with a legit and reliable company. So, you can also make sure that investing your time, effort, and budget is all worth it. 

The range of their services 

Make sure to hire an LLC company with a wide range of services that can meet the needs of your business. For example, you can opt a company that can provide you with a free LLC formation service for 12 months. You should also consider the budget you will spend to avail the services you need and deserve. 


LLC services are available at different costs. Choose a company that can provide you with excellent services that suit your budget. Luckily, most LLC companies offer their services at an affordable price. Some offer a free plan, but you can avail of their paid plans if you want to avail their advanced features.         


The experience is essential when it comes to finding an LLC formation company. How many years do they serve in the industry? The experience of the company can impact the quality of its services. You should only hire a well-experienced LLC formation company that can meet your expectations. 


You can research the potential LLC formation company’s guarantees to reduce business risks. Luckily, most companies offer a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind. 

Ease of use 

You can check how easy the procedure is if you choose the LLC company. So, you can have a hassle-free experience with your chosen LLC formation company. 


The features of the LLC company are another factor you should look for to get the best one for your business. You can choose the company with advanced features for your LLC formation project. 

Complimentary services 

A trustworthy LLC service can offer you other free services to satisfy its customers. 

Familiarity with your state 

You can choose an LLC company that knows how to set up an LLC in your state.

Order processing time

Some LLC formation companies can process your order in a day, but some can take a month.

Legal professionals 

It is a good idea to choose an LLC company with legal professionals on its team. So, you can make sure that compliance with the state laws will be maintained. 

Why should you get an LLC formation company? 

An LLC formation company can bring many benefits to your business. The following are the advantages of using LLC services. 

It helps you to save time 

With the assistance of an LLC service, you can save time in various ways. You don’t need to research the laws and paperwork required to form an LLC. You will not redo anything if you create them incorrectly. 

Save your budget 

Compared to hiring a lawyer, an LLC formation company is more affordable. So, you can save more of your money. You can also avoid unwanted costs if you file your documents incorrectly. 

Accuracy of paperwork

Another benefit of hiring an LLC formation company is that you can make sure that the paperwork is accurate and correct. Incomplete or incorrect paperwork can invalidate your LLC formation. On the other hand, working with an LLC formation company can bring you peace of mind for your paperwork needs. 

Answers your questions 

With the best LLC service, you can get the best answers to your LLC formation questions. You’re also free to contact them anytime you have concerns about their service. 

Offers tools for LLC formation 

LLC formation companies can offer services and forms essential for LLC formation. They got you covered when it comes to your needs. 


To sum it up, there are many reliable LLC formation services on the market you can choose for your business. With the help of this post, we hope you already have an idea of getting the best LLC formation services that suit the needs of your business. If you have high standards for LLC formation services, you can pick one from the best LLC formation services we mentioned above. 

Make sure to hire an LLC formation company with extensive knowledge and experience. With that, you can assure that you can avail quality LLC formation services from real experts. Level up the success of your business with the help of an LLC company now!